THE BLACK SNOWConsequent to the India's current state of affairs with respect to Corruption and Misgovernance, even the 'Snow' has turned Black—the obvious have also lost its credibility.
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Gheraoed’ by innumerable debates, fortunately trending at least since last 4+ years now, somehow it became imperative for once to see if we are aware of the ‘baseline (B)’ and ‘limit (L)’ of patriotism. Well, whether they should be revised after a while is also a very interesting topic for all of us to deliberate upon.

There have been so many chauvinistic citizens across the world in the past so many ages that listing them all down here will be a disservice for the rest who may not be able make it to the list. However, they all had one common trait across—though they knew the baseline of loving their country, but refused to accept its limit. Their nationalistic act got triggered by one small unnationalistic act by others, but has no reason to stop their patriotic foray in a bid to save their nation.

Can we define the ‘B’ and ‘L’ of nationalistic acts or should we even define them at all? Should we consider a metric to define them or can quote people to have it baselined and put a limit to? If it is a metric, then measuring it will be a herculean task and I don’t consider we can ever arrive at the actual measure ever.

You wonder why am I making patriotism so scientific, when patriotism is purely driven by heart and love for your country. Well, it is for those select few who are not contended by so many soul-moving reasoning and vindications of several other citizens.

I sometimes wonder if the so-called anti-nationalistic forces (falling below the baseline) are driven by always proving the other side wrong, inspite of knowing they themselves are erring or they really are someone to be pitied for some kind of a psychological disorder they have acquired--can be termed as, ‘Zero-nationalism left’ (ZNL)’.

My view is that this is a binary topic and can’t be bound in a reasoning-like scenario, and the ones who try to, clearly disown the very ethos of loving their own country for no reason. Do you love your parents for a reason? Do you love yourself with a reason? Whenever you consider the answer to be ‘Yes’, just close your eyes and visualize a situation wherein you have lost everything and every person you have, to someone else from outside your own country, and you and your fellows are being tormented into doing something not of own choice. If this doesn’t shakes you up and you are still lying with your eyes closed, consider this as a wake-up call into doing something about the disorder that has unknowingly lurched into your mind and soul. Keep this exercise to yourself, not making it relative to others, else there are greater chances of falling into the same net as you could have been earlier, before you even thought of closing your eyes to take on this self-realization ride.

Patriotism is like just another feeling like love, hunger and thirst, but more stronger, longing for an experience of always embracing your country and countrymen!