THE BLACK SNOWConsequent to the India's current state of affairs with respect to Corruption and Misgovernance, even the 'Snow' has turned Black—the obvious have also lost its credibility.
BIG BOSS'BIG BOSS' is a scoop about a fervent professional who joins many firms in anticipation of getting a conducive work environment and an ideal 'Boss' in each.



...a story of every professional in search of an eternal 'BOSS'... (a 205-page odyssey)
"Morning happens, evening goes, and the night sets in---Saga flares the hope of another day’s rings"
‘BIG BOSS’ is a scoop about a fervent professional who joins many firms in anticipation of getting a conducive work environment and an ideal ‘Boss’ in each. Each time as he finds his dreams not being realized, he leaves that firm and joins another to experience similar events in the new firm as well. The protagonist, Adi, is a dreamer and a perfect idealist who always works in the firm’s interest, but very often is let down by his bosses in one way or the other. He always tries to explain to his bosses about his virtuous intentions towards the firm and them, but each time they ditch him. At last, he learns through these experiences that he can’t change the creature called ‘Boss’, but has to usher a change by being the part of the firm within his own circle of influence. Foreword & Analytical views for the book have been provided by Mr. Joginder Singh, Ex-CBI Director, Member (Hony.) EC, Interpol, France as he says: “…If I had to describe the essence of this book in one word - it would be ‘Co-existence’…” “…Discussion about bosses is at the core of everyone’s heart. In a day, we spend most of the productive time at our workplace, and that too communicating with our colleagues. Bosses form a significant part of the fraternity and have the largest impact on our professional and personal well-being…” “…When I read ‘BIG BOSS’, I felt the same and was able to relate with my professional journey. It’s an event-packed corporate drama. MVP has done justice to the subject by detailing the insights into the attitudinal and behavioral characteristics of the corporate bosses. It shells out the pearls of wisdom in between the narrated instances…” “…The book has a potential of contributing towards case studies for the Business schools and HR function of the firms…” The book AIMS to make the professionals realize the need to co-exist alongwith the other members of the professional ecosystem. The advent of globalization mandates us to be more resilient and avoid vindication so as to make the workplace worth sustaining. SCOPE includes the description of the disastrous ramification for not seeking ‘live and let live’ framework. The impact is vast on almost all the stakeholders of the firm’s ecology allowing the embankment on the greener pastures guaranteeing success for all. FEATURES of the book include the close to real-life scenarios being presented--the protagonist being almost akin to a real-life professional. The book is not limited to an industry, firm or a specific group of people as readers, but all the small and large firms who have the creature called ‘Boss’. It has a total discourse of all that goes into a subordinate’s mind while dealing with the ‘Bosses’. It also contains the situations and scenarios based on which the superior-subordinate relationship blooms and dooms. With almost no formal ‘Teaching’ being part of the book, it flows like a story providing interesting insight into some of the muses on the organizational workings.
Reader's View

“...there is perhaps no such thing as a perfect job, least of all, the perfect boss. The hunt can be long and elusive. Many pursue it to ridiculous levels, thinking they would get it right just this one more time…and so continue their elusive search. The more courageous among us leave everything and try their hand at their own stuff. MVP’s book aptly sums up the dilemma of our times. The rat race doesn’t seems to lead the protagonist anywhere. The question is to accept or fight. The key is perhaps to decide for yourself—what’s best for you…” - Shekhar Nambiar, Public Affairs and Media, Australian High Commission

“... an excellent, crisp and concise description of events cooking up a storm in every organization ... A must read for every corporate professional …” -Avinash Raghava, Regional Director, NASSCOM

"... this is an impressive cocktail of an emotive Non-Influencer, who has matured and morphed from a recalcitrant individual to a Goal Seeking Employee Contributor. One can glide the pages as the protagonist educates himself on the Potent 'Boss-Subordinate' Relationship, and the quest of any employee, seeking Redemption. It's a Must Read and a Shelf Holder for all, who see this equation at their functional workplace, home or school …" -Sameer Mathur, Vice President, Digital Media, Bharti Airtel

"... it is a commendable effort to text subordinate's thoughts onto a book. 'Big Boss', I hope will be quite beneficial to HR professionals who may like to train and educate the Bosses to be human beings first and bosses later …" -Dr. Asheesh K. Ganju, Director (R&D), Raymond Limited

"... this book is a revelation and talks about the ultimate reality of the employer-employee relation in the current corporate world scenario. Adi represents every single employee who wants to make a big impact in the corporate world. The hard reality is - Employees are there to answer their bosses not to question them. In Rome, be like a roman. It's a must read for all high-talented individuals who really think big ..." -Kripa Narain Tiwari, Country Account Manager, DHL Express


Congratulations, where’s the

Congratulations, where’s the party?
I got your book it has come out very good. I am still reading it but whatever I have read is outstanding. All the characters are written so well, my favourite is Adi’s father, ha ha ha. He reminds me of so many uncles. I hope the book ends on very encouraging note.
Great work

Hi bhaiya

Hi bhaiya congratulations,
What it takes to be a Boss? A little compassion, and that is what they lack. The book could open a new debate on the ‘acceptable’ and the ‘unacceptable’ conduct of the bosses. I would say it’s a must read for every professional.

Thanks Vivek. Awaiting your

Thanks Vivek. Awaiting your valuable feedback...

Thanks Swati. You are

Thanks Swati.
You are right--one must be governed by the conduct code of the organisation, and not individual's. TechnoIT 'Browns' on page 168 talks about the same.
Have a happy reading...

Dear Mahesh, I am almost

Dear Mahesh,

I am almost thru reading the complimentary copy of the book, Big Boss, and I can't stop myslef of telling you of the remarkable stuff you had written.
Throughout my travel, I read it, read it and read it---it was so engrossing...
I hate Sreedhar (LettSym firm) for creating roadblocks in Adi's professional life and that too for his own selfish intent...however, I loved Dr. Mohan's character a lot--a typical INdian father...
Vivek rocks as a compassionate and caring boss..
will let you know on the entire book when I am thru...

keep writing

Ennnnnnnnnnnjoyed!!! reading

Ennnnnnnnnnnjoyed!!! reading it...

There are some quite great

There are some quite great ideas here. Cannot wait to put some of these into action. Its quite heading to bring very good vibrations exactly where the vibrations need to be.

Thanks Shanky...keep

Thanks Shanky...keep reading...

Hey Mahesh--extravagant look

Hey Mahesh--extravagant look of the book...
awaiting in anticipation to purchase it...vl try getting it thru onine buy...all the best as the Excerpts look really engrossing

Hi MVP, It's a nice


It's a nice feeling to read your blog and that too about your new book, and that too on Bosses. I have ordere 3 copies online and will feedback you once I read it...all the best...


Hi Sir --- Congrats :) I

Hi Sir --- Congrats :)

I am very happy nd v eager to have my copy soon... I just read the prefaces online seems quite interesting.. I also asked all my friends to read:)
There will be many new nd great learnings... I am looking fwd :)

Thanks Ajai. Looking fwd to

Thanks Ajai. Looking fwd to get your valuable feedback on the same...

Hi MVP--It's a great feeling

Hi MVP--It's a great feeling to know about your book.... after all u did what u dreamt...
all d best and I am lookig forwrd to have it in my hands and shelf///

btw---the book looks pretty interesting after looking at the excerpts, etc.

Hey d grt writer... it seems

Hey d grt writer...
it seems that you have come a long way thru...
grt job man...but don't forget ur friends///

Need the signed

Need the signed can I get it?

Congrates Sir, Will

Congrates Sir,

Will certainly read this book

Dear MaheshJi,

Dear MaheshJi,

Congratulation, I will read your book very soon when it wll be available at Book stores

Hey, Many Many congrats on

Hey, Many Many congrats on this accomplishment.

Finally, you did it. I wish it should be a great success & brings lot of fame to you which can inspire you to write more such novels.

Dear Mahesh, I am very

Dear Mahesh,
I am very pleased to know about publishing of the book.I congratulate you for the same' may you write many more books.
god bless you!
sumati mam

Hi Sandeep/Mahesh,

Hi Sandeep/Mahesh,

Congratulations on your achievement.

Looking forward to read the book.


Hi, This is great :) !!


This is great :) !! Congratulations... I will certainly read this .. thanks for sharing the news.


Mahesh, This one is a big


This one is a big achievement brother. You are a real Krish... Congrats to you.

Where was this writer in you hiding uptill now......

Brilliantoooooooooooo...... I

Brilliantoooooooooooo...... I will see if I can buy one online from here...


Congrats mahesh, good to

Congrats mahesh,

good to know you could chase your passion and publish "Big Boss"

Will definitely read the book and share my views, good luck god bless!


Dear Mahesh

Congratulations Mahesh on your first book published ...i am sure Many more to come

That is great and i know its awesome feeling you have done what you are passionate about

This is so exciting!!! I get the feeling we'll be reading about you in most of New paper in the next few years and really proud of you ...

All the best ....and do remember your SMP`s friends .....

Dear Mahesh Great to

Dear Mahesh

Great to know , I was not aware of this skill of yours.

I shall be forwarding the mail to my circle

Congrats !


Congrats, MVP! I am not

Congrats, MVP!

I am not able to buy it online, but will buy it over the counter.


Congratulations. I will

Congratulations. I will definitely buy your book and read.

All the best.

Congratulations Mahesh

Congratulations Mahesh

Would definitely go through the book and share my views.

All the Best .


Congratulation..Mahesh, definitely I’ll read this book.

Hi Mahesh, CONGRATS - you

Hi Mahesh,

CONGRATS - you are in the big league. I am sure this will make an interesting read for all us rat racers. Will surely come back to you on my feelings about this. Will go and grab a copy soon or book one online through the link you have given


Dear Mahesh,

This was something which we guys are waiting for a long time.
Keep it UP.

God Bless You with all happiness and Success

Dear mahesh, congrats for

Dear mahesh,
congrats for the book. i will read it after buying it tomorrow provided i get it at the airport.will give u feedback for sure.
yar i also wish i could put my ideas in to words but cant as i will have to learn how to write. any tips please tell me.
dr ganju

Hi Good news indeed....


Good news indeed.... Congrats...

I will read the book when I am back in India by end June.

Keep in touch

Congratulations. I will see

Congratulations. I will see if I can buy it at crossword.

All the best,

Dear Mahesh,

Dear Mahesh,
I'll buy your book and read it.
Then, let you know my views on it.

Congratulations sir!!!

Congratulations sir!!!

yaha Singapore mein book milne ka tareeka to batao !!


Hello! I know this is kinda

Hello! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form? I'm using the same blog platform as yours and I'm having problems finding one? Thanks a lot!

Congrats MaheshJi!! We are

Congrats MaheshJi!! We are looking forward towards your precious contribution! All the best

Hey Mahesh, Great job

Hey Mahesh,

Great job man...
How you manage all in 24 hrs///am I writing to a great time management guru!!!

Hi Mahesh, I did not get

Hi Mahesh,

I did not get a chance to buy your book as I am in USA.

Please let me know if this book is in AMAZON or EBAY.

I checked your blog the book contents are very good and realist

Hi Srini, The book would

Hi Srini,

The book would be available on Amazon in few days from now.
You can also buy it online from diamondbook website and the book will be shipped at your US address.

can't wait to read it

can't wait to read it dude---

when vl d wait get over?

I never imagined in my life

I never imagined in my life that I am related to such a prolific writer since last 28 years..

i mean, it's ridiculous, but eye opener....for me atleast
have spoken to the bookstore nearby and will get the first copy of BIG BOSS

Great post.keep posting us

Great post.keep posting us this type of wonderful information.
We always look forward towards your post.

Hearty congratulations

Hearty congratulations Mahesh.......... we will surely read your book.

It's very easy to belive taht

It's very easy to belive taht u are a great writer, but will take time to digestthat u hve written a book---arey yaar...nuclear bomb se bhi tez aayi teri ye news/////

Intezaar hai bas 10 din khatam hone ka...
Ohi, US

Can't stop myself at readiong

Can't stop myself at readiong it--hve recommended to all my 257 connections on facebook...more to follow


tune wo kiya hai-- wo ache

tune wo kiya hai-- wo ache ache nahin kar paate meri jaan---tu amar ho gaya hai book likh ke..likhe ja likje ja aur hum sabhi padhte jayenge

I need to buy few scores of

I need to buy few scores of the copies of ur book and gift it to all my bosses till date--kya pata sudhar jayein...
nice cover page, nice blog, nice excerpts...nice...nice...nicee...