THE BLACK SNOWConsequent to the India's current state of affairs with respect to Corruption and Misgovernance, even the 'Snow' has turned Black—the obvious have also lost its credibility.
BIG BOSS'BIG BOSS' is a scoop about a fervent professional who joins many firms in anticipation of getting a conducive work environment and an ideal 'Boss' in each.


BIG BOSS - e-mail Feedbacks

Girish is the most hated villains of the lot. Really, it takes something to be persistently bad.
The way MVP has summarized the total learning experience of Adi is mind boggling. Mr. Joginder Singh providing an analogy with Mahatma Gandhi is absolutely refreshing. We all have a bit of Mahatma in ourselves, only we need to provoke it at the right time.

-Madhu, Kerela

I would like to share one thing with you sir—I had referred this book to my Boss and I can see the change in him. Thanks for it.May all d bosses become like Adi.

-More, Pune

Son, I am retired PSU Engineer, and read books mostly all the time sitting at home. I have read many of them from several good authors, but they all were pass times stories with no concrete and substannce. Big Boss has it all, the storyline. Content to chew, analysis and on th e top of it –a solution to the chronic problem of bosses. I wish I had this book during my days, I have never fell short of my two promotions cheated by my bosses.

-Er. Mehra, Kolkata

I want to confess one thing thru your b;log. I stole your book from one of the bookstores here in Goa, and was feeling the itch of the crime. I m fed up 2 of my boss and I was in a dire need of direction. I am a fresher and didn't had money to buy and couldn't wait till 1<sup>st</sup> 2 get my salary But I can definitely saythet it was worth a steal. I found a solution to my probelmand am goung to implement it from tomorrow. I will keep you posted on the resut

-Anand, Panaji

I enjoyed reading Razor Brain and TechnoIT—Kris and Girish were at their shrewdness best. What a filthy boss they both are? I hate to have them anywhere around me.

-Sadbhavna, Bangaluru

Hi MVP, the most valuable player- right? I have your book in my hand and would like to tell you that it wi;;l be with me all throughout my life. What a book, what a subject, what a a content – loved it. I am eagerly waiting your next venture. Do keep us posted

-Sagar, DLF City I

use of English language at its best. I enjoyed each and every bitof it. Aftre a longtime, we got a content which is rich, but easily understandable as well. Topic is bold and relevant to the current scenarios as well.

-Jyoti, Mysore

I have been reading your blog, and knew that you are a great writer. Your book has even proved it more.  I was totally engrossed in the book and finished it in one go. Can't wait for another one from you.

-Shweta, Secundrabad

fultu fataak book. Stupendo book. This is it book. What else? King of the current times and current issues as well. Big Boss rocks and MVP too…

-Aryan, Management student

Can you be a full-time faculty in my college. If you agree, I can talk to my Principal and we can take it forward. Pls pls teach us. We require prof. with your mindset

-Puri, Sahibabad

How could u thnk of such instances and events which we all can relate to? Tanay, the MD, Sridhar, Vivek, Sridhar, Shroff—we find them daily in our professional lives engaging with us almost every second. Adi's every experience can be found in our daily lives. They all have been described in the book witj great precision.

-Your first Fan, Mumbai

Techno IT describes Shroff as--<em>Shroff is so mean that instead of using deodorant he gargles disinfectant and licks his armpits</em>—a perfect description of an evil Boss.

Nothing read like this in recent past.

-Rex, MI

10 out of 10—a refreshing novel after such a long time that seems real and looks real. Mind boggling eevents make it interesting

-Chris, Toronto

Can I say you are the Big Boss of the Management fiction writers

-Arpit, Delhi

I lead a team and I pledge to follow what you have said in the book's 'Postface'. Great knowledge stuff.

-Ms. Naidu, Chennai

How did you think of such an interesting subject? Where did you have the contents from? It's miraculous!

-Nandini Sen, Patna

We are planning to have the book as case studies in our Management college. I will get in touch with you to involve you further in the process.

-Dr. Kapoor, Mathura

It's a stimulating experience reading the book. It unloads you fully

-Tulsi, Indore

Sir, it is bound to be a best seller by any measure. I had referred the book to many of my friends and they have been very much appreciative about he subject, content and the way it has been presented

-Meeta and Friends

Boss, having read the entire book in 2 days and 1 night, I can tell you that the book is a killer. A Killer in its own sense. I started off with the Blurb on the cover page and ended up with the Chankya's quote on the back page with only 4 hours of sleep in between. I have never read content of this type since eternity.

Great guns MVP—pls give us more of this kind.


Main ye nahin jaanta ki kuhda kya hai, bas mere liye Big Boss hi bandage hai. Main apne Boss se bahu pareshaan tha—mera boss bilkul TechnoIT wale boss ki tarah tha—aapko bishwas nahin hoga ki maine usko ye book padhne ke baad sudhaar diya hai. Kaise? Main uske cabin mein gaya aur khoob sunai usko maine. Saara ka saara kacha chittha khol diya mine uska usje boss ke saamne.

Use nikalne ki baat chal rahi hai…thanks sir…thnx a lot

-Kishore, Pune

Joginder Singh's comments are laudable and direct

-Thomas, Goa

I am no one to comment on your writing, but I found the intros of the chapters slightly difficult to understand with very hard –hitting vocab used. Request you [pls take care of it ion your next book. We love you all...

-Nitu Jain, Jaipur

Joginder Singh's comments are laudable and direct

-Thomas, Goa

Dear MVP, Hope you are doing through your Book, almost complete. Very well written, thoughtful and I do wish it will be a good learning for so many Adis in actual life. Wish you success and all the very best

-Nitin Agarwal, Mumbai

MVP, is this your real story or a work of fiction? Whatever it is, it's excellent.

-Lisa, NY

Where were you few years back? I would not have suffered as I did through the hands of my boss. I would have gifted 'Big Boss' to him to mend his ways.

-Dr. Babu, Secunderabad

Read the book 2 times and still wants to read it more—great book from a greater writer…

-Mohd. Saifi, Bhopal

I bought 9 copies of Big Boss and gifted to my colleagues (one to my Boss!)-kya pata sudhar jaye…

-Titli, Gurgaon

Morning happens…lines sets the tone for a true and good reading of the book

-Om Jha, Patna

Great people writing blurbs—I really liked all of the blurbs. Sameer's blurb is bit difficult to understand, nevertheless, it's gud. Asheesh. Kripa, Shekhar ones are appreciative and wholesome

-Srila. Thiruvananthpuram

I have never seen such a beautiful acknowledgement written ever in my 35 years of my career. What a piece! It's a marvel

Col Sodhi, Chandigarh

Mr. Joginder Singh's Foreword provided the credibility to the content and the thought process thereof.

Two stalwarts together—MVP and JS

-Meena Naidu, Chennai

Great 'Foreword'—can't let myself from appreciating it. A wonderful FW for a great Book.


Hey MVP. I own a publishing firm inCannes. I will get in touch with you for a fiction to be written

-Barbara, Cannes

Do you also write for movies? This book can be sent to an movie director for filming.

-Bori, Student, Film and TV Institute, Paris

Hi MVP, Thanks for providing us with a 'Reality' reading than just Reality shows we were sick of watching.

-Samuel, Andaman

I really liked the way you have started eachchapter, driving us to think, and rethink over and over again on the next event and incidences.kudos

-Maruti, Hyderabad

'Adi decides' has become a craze in my firm. Daily we say 'Adi decides' instead of Good Morning just to signify that we may decide to quit the firm today. Hahahaaa

-Shaily, Secunderabad

All pity for Tanay, the newxnxt boss as his daughter has ran away and he was miserable with his wife.
Boohoohoo… poor chap…

-Gemini, Noida

Hope all is well with you  &amp; your family!  It seems a long time past that we worked together but I'm happy to see you pursuing your writing interests.


Its quite an achievement Mahesh... Well done.
Well the book was good, but I must also admire Amazon's Sourcing Reach and systems as well.

Sameer, Gurgaon

Am still enjoying reading the book - doing it at leisure since I am trying to absorb the content with real life practices which I am recent victim of.
Heartiest congrats on getting this on Amazon - I am sure "BIG BOSS" - the name itself will sell like hot cakes and readers can be delighted with a great find and a new author MVP and look forward to more from his stable.

Hemant, Gurgaon

Hi Mahesh,
Hope you are doing good. I just had a chance to finish your first book"Big Boss". Pardon me for taking such a long time. I had a wonderful weekend reading it. It is so gripping and interesting. Had a chance to learn a lot of new things. Liked your humor a lot. Pankaj and I had a good discussion on your valued asset. We are really proud of you. May God bless you with the best. So when are we getting our next treat????? I am eagerly waiting for your next book. All the very best.

Take care,