THE BLACK SNOWConsequent to the India's current state of affairs with respect to Corruption and Misgovernance, even the 'Snow' has turned Black—the obvious have also lost its credibility.
BIG BOSS'BIG BOSS' is a scoop about a fervent professional who joins many firms in anticipation of getting a conducive work environment and an ideal 'Boss' in each.


Headlines Uncomplicated

Headlines Uncomplicated


Gheraoed’ by innumerable debates, fortunately trending at least since last 4+ years now, somehow it became imperative for once to see if we are aware of the ‘baseline (B)’ and ‘limit (L)’ of patriotism. Well, whether they should be revised after a while is also a very interesting topic for all of us to deliberate upon.

'Sexy','Choli', and 'First Night'

Love, Sex, and Dhoka. It’s all over the place.

The idiot box at last has won the war of being the ‘Kaun Banega Change Agent’.

It took 20 long years to realize its potentiality. Chimerical win in the end.

Do you have it in you?

Oh Man! They are caught. Scrap the RTI law. Another chance of proving patriotism has been foiled by Times. It should have been allowed for the Chiefs, at least post retirement, since the productive life goes into serving the country. Now when they had minutes on hand and opportunity too, they took the maximum possible advantage of it. What’s a big deal in that? We all know opportunity knocks only once.

'What not to do @IIT' by Ghosh Babu

I am not sure on the hue and cry on the anomalies. It’s a fad for the big guns to remain involved. What will the students do studying in IIT? Start their own corporations, provide creative ideas to the society at large, make the country proud, etc. What will the country gain from it? Nothing (on the ground). Instead the government would be spending crores in making them viable; then millions on setting up a committee to investigate on the possible mismanagement of the crores.

'Mahadelhi' vs 'Kalmayan'

Well, it is Sheila vs Kalmadi now. All the epics untill today were a result of a conflicting woman’s ego. Maa Sita, Draupadi, et al. have been at the core of the reasons. Now it’s the time for modern age epic to be enacted and written. ‘Mahadelhi’ (after Mahabharat) or ‘Kalamayan’ (after Ramayan)--Please vote.

CWG is a success?

 CWG is over. Race has begun to reach the ‘Credit’ finishing line. Probe into the irregularities has begun. Many say that the games were a success. 1. For Australians, it was more than a success. After all, Bungee Jumping washing machines are no more a passion now, and can be included in the next CWG. Thanks to them for giving a new sport to the fraternity. 2.

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