THE BLACK SNOWConsequent to the India's current state of affairs with respect to Corruption and Misgovernance, even the 'Snow' has turned Black—the obvious have also lost its credibility.
BIG BOSS'BIG BOSS' is a scoop about a fervent professional who joins many firms in anticipation of getting a conducive work environment and an ideal 'Boss' in each.


THE BLACK SNOW . . . elements unleashed!

Consequent to the India’s current state of affairs with respect to Corruption and Misgovernance, even the ‘Snow’ has turned Black—the obvious have also lost its credibility.

THE BLACK SNOW . . . elements unleashed! by MVPBased in the vibrant, cosmopolitan Millennium city, Gurgaon, the saga is a flashback fiction constructed in the year 2063--fifty years after India was colonized again.

In one of the prison cell of India, few kids have been detained from their school and tortured by the colonizers. An old man is also in the same cell as them. They interact amongst each other and the old man who they call ‘grandpa’ narrates a story from a book--dnational ntwrk—authored by Dev on how two young gals and four young guys have tried to alert the Country’s Leadership way back in 2012 on the dire states of country’s affairs due to corrupt malpractices and predicted a possible acquisition of the nation by a foreign country.

Apparently, the old man, Arjun Kapoor, was the son of the couple—Dev & Juhi—owner of a paying guest house in Gurgaon inhabited by all the six young fellas during 2011-12.

Book Brief

A gripping, enthralling story on the interwoven events and thoughts plaguing today’s age India by the author of the Management Fiction book ‘BIG BOSS’.

What can be the price for a nation’s freedom?

What it takes to bring a nation from ground to a sustainable level?

Can we afford another two hundred years or more of colonization again?

Are we fast approaching that state?

Are we really a free nation or it’s only a predicament we don’t have a clue to?

Few men and women are trying to find the answers to the above grappling and breathtaking questions in the folios of the book. Arya, Chunnu, Dhwani, Jacob, Survi and Vamsee are amongst few of them who represent us in our daily lives in terms of thoughts, deeds and actions. As different as chalk from cheese, and coming from varied societal and regional backgrounds, the blooming, blossoming pubescent individuals grope within their own sufferings and experiences to delve into the real meaning of their existence.

The highlight of the potboiler is the issues raised pertain to problems and opportunities of both the Mainland India and the North Eastern India together.
Secondly, the issues are based on the actual statistics and not on some generic presumptions and conclusions.


THE BLACK SNOW . . . elements unleashed! by MVP
Dev & Juhi : Married couple and owner of a PG House in Gurgaon. Dev is a VP with a private IT Consultancy firm while Juhi is a homemaker

Arjun : Son of Dev and Juhi

Arya : A 29-year-old AMBITIOUS Robotics Scientist from Kolkata

Chunnu : A 18-year-old MISLED Call Center employee from Bhubaneswar

Dhwani : A 30-year-old NAÏVE Dowry and Domestic Violence victim from Faridabad

Jacob : A 22-year-old SULKING Advertising professional from Mumbai

Survi : A 21-year-old FIREBRAND North-East crusader from Assam

Vamsee : A 21-year-old DOCILE Google aspirant & an RTI Activist from Hyderabad

The BIG question :
Can they create a national network out of the social networks from a PG in Gurgaon?

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Plot seems interesting.More

Plot seems interesting.More after I get hold of a copy and read it. BTW all the best for the book.

Best regards

Thanks Rakesh. Have a happy

Thanks Rakesh. Have a happy reading!!!

Dear Mahesh,   Looking

Dear Mahesh,
Looking forward to read the same,wish I could get the copy here.... :(
I am sure it would be a great success...
Sourabh Chopra

Sounds interesting, and I

Sounds interesting, and I must say, very interestingly introduced on this blog. Wish you great success.

Nice piece of

Nice piece of work...
Initially I found it difficult to relate all the characters and the theme but it all merged so beautifully by the end.
Same burning issue for which nobody is concerned
Still the days are left, we can do something for our nation, for ourself, otherwise will lead to unwanted consequenses
Civil Wars or again colonization.

Dear Mahesh,   After gripping

Dear Mahesh,
After gripping Big Boss I look forward to Black snow

Great Book, must Read.

Great Book, must Read. Awaiting your next book ....
Keep up the good work.

Like reading it :-),Although

Like reading it :-),Although I hate reading

Thanks Manisha.

Thanks Manisha.

Its on the ocassion of my

Its on the ocassion of my train travel at the railway station i bought this book !
Throughout my days journey it made me realise what India is ... i am one like one of char in it by fortune,,,...
rock and roll man ! nice work !

Thanks Aravind. Nice to know

Thanks Aravind. Nice to know and have your views. More so, it made me happy that you can related yourself to one of the characters in the book. Thanks once again and have a wonderful life ahead...