THE BLACK SNOWConsequent to the India's current state of affairs with respect to Corruption and Misgovernance, even the 'Snow' has turned Black—the obvious have also lost its credibility.
BIG BOSS'BIG BOSS' is a scoop about a fervent professional who joins many firms in anticipation of getting a conducive work environment and an ideal 'Boss' in each.


'BIG BOSS' - Ch3 Excerpts

''...Clearword affectated cupboard love. They preferred a laugh in the sea of sadness for their employees. Their employees’ life was a mere dream; a fleeting shadow on a cloudy day with each day they spent was hotter than two rats screwing in a wool sock...''  

"...The city around the plant was slothful and the plant was as active like a stadium, with ever-happening events. Adi felt like a globe-trotter and wanted the stint to be a liniment..."  

"...A red sedan entered the plant with, seemingly, big enchilada lounged in it. It screeched at the entrance of the main office. A medium-height head honcho, male blonde loomed out of the door like a greased lightning. He threw open his eyes all around the plant and went inside with a straight face. He was on his walky-talky. The entire crew around him, intimidated by his presence, flocked him into his office..."  

"...Adi’s blood curdled by the instance. He thought if he also underperforms, his job could also be at stake. “But then why will I do anything wrong?” he thought and smiled..."  

"...“Now you all can depart with your cocky, overconfident, sarcastic, smart ass,” ED yelled almost mad at them..."


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