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No one knows, but I helped India WIN!

India vs. Bangladesh, Saturday, 19th Feb 2011 I took a half-day off the previous day to go shopping earlier scheduled for Saturday. Till that time my wife wasn’t even aware of my philanthropic intentions. She was delighted that to know that I, after many weeks, gave preference to her marketing adventures over my office. She jumped, galloped, drank, ate and did a lot of purchase. My credit card smiled at me and asudden I got a call from the call center confirming the purchase. The call center girl sounded contented as if the purchase was being shipped to her. But all the time, I was thinking about 6 sticks, 4 bails, 22 players, 2 Umpires and a loud cheer with a Mexican wave roaring around the stadium. I finished with a couple of official calls on return in the night and made sure that there were no action items on me for Saturday out of those meetings. And yes, I attended a marriage party too. I realized when you have a focus towards a goal, you perform many tasks in a short period of time. Saturday morning, I wake up and made tea for myself and my better half. She even then was clueless of my useless proactiveness. I was making sure that she doesn’t plans anything for that day. The lunch time passed as I helped her with the kitchen chores cutting onions, peeling garlic, serving water on the dining table to save the grace. My next objective was to make her sleep as she was harping since last 2 days ago to watch a classic movie on WorldMovies. The movie time was definitely cutting over the willow watch timings. As the clock was ticking away, my heart was beating faster to reach Mirpur as soon as possible. She swapped channels, and I, ideas, to make her sleep. On the other hand, I do not wanted to discourage her with the movie as I could see the lights in her eyes to go for it since last few days. But then the World Cup was important too. After all we get to watch it after 4 long years. And this time Dhoni in place, I had all the reasons to watch India win, avenging last WC’s defeat. When nothing worked, I gave in and told her about the match. “You should have told me earlier,” she said and handed the TV remote to me. I grinned. “But won’t you watch the movie you have planned?” “The movie is not a live telecast. It repeats after every 12 hours. I will watch the repeat telecast,” she surprised me as always. “So today is India vs. Bangladesh?” she asked. “Yes dear,” I replied. “India will win. But it has been a trend that most of the matches you have keenly planned to watch, India has lost. I am going to catch some zzz’s,” she slided into the quilt after planting a seed of doubt, and I glided onto a chair only to hope we had another LCD for her to watch the movie on. You know ‘Win-Win’!!! First ball and I watched it as keenly as a swan. Sachin and Sehwag were playing with great care and concentration. Fours were hit and I gave a glance to my wife on her point getting disproved. Suddenly, Sachin conspired against me and charged for a run that wasn’t. He was run out. I immediately tried to lower down the sound to avoid her not knowing about it. But some rascal shouted from my neighborhood—“Oh shit! Sachin is out.” She jumped onto the bed with her eyes lit up. “I am still saying, don’t watch it if you want India to win,” she said. But I was adamant to defy the Murphy’s law and remove the taboo of me. I drove her out of the room and started praying without changing the posture. I vowed not to have a drop of water down my throat till India won the encounter. It worked! Sehwag started hitting 4’s and 6’s with Kohli following. 370 was a huge score and at one time I even prayed Sehwag breaking the 200 run record by Sachin. Was it not a good thought to savor? My focus shifted from India’s avenge to proving my point to her. She woke up in the evening and enquired about the score. But persisted with great optimism on Bangladesh reaching the target if I watched it further. “In cricket, you can’t predict,” she further spiked the line of doubt in me. But I was on to everything to prove my point, and we bargained that I will swap channel of her choice in between two balls being bowled. The second session of the game began with Bangladesh looking strong and showing their intentions of winning by hitting some good scoring shots. Disappointment was all over my face as I prayed, prayed and only prayed. It became a battle of sexes where the one with accurate prediction won. And the onus was on Sehwag and Harbhajan. A moment, I swapped channels of her choice---they were hitting. Next moment, I reached to Star Sports, a wicket fell. “Look. Look. I told you not to watch them play, otherwise India will lose,” she navigated her hand all over my skull and face. I rejected her theory. Another swap, another wicket fell. “Look. Look. I told…,” she chattered me battered. The seeds of the doubt earlier planted, watered by concrete instances, 'GERMINATED'. I thought I am no one to defy Indian cricket team their share of win just because of my adamancy. Silently, but trying to massage my male ego, I played smart and started showing interest in the movie she watched. I am not sure if she caught it or not, but the frequency of swapping channels shot up from a-ball swap to 4--5 balls ending at 1--2 overs a swap. But, to my astonishment, whenever I swapped the channels to watch the match, the wickets fell. At the end, when the last wicket fell, I had to bow down to Ed Murphy and his theories but was equally happy to have helped India win and avenge the last WC’s defeat. Dhoni doesn’t know that it was me who shaped the victory by watching the match intermittently!!! Now I am planning for next Sunday’s fixture to help India win. May be I will fast unto win.    What are you plans?


i like it No one knows, but I

i like it No one knows, but I helped India WIN! | MVP it being so that im your rss reader

marvelous piece of writing Mr

marvelous piece of writing Mr MVP.
I may Come tomorrow for BIG BOSS—A Story of Every Professional in Search of an Eternal Boss’ to PTI at pearl.

Thanks Manu. Will see you

Thanks Manu. Will see you 2morow